5 WordPress plugins I’m using almost every time

If you’ve ever created a WordPress website, you should’ve heard about plugins. Plugins are add-ons for your website which can add some extra functionalities to your website, or even create a other type of website. In the plugins listed below, I’m describing the plugins I use on almost every WordPress website. Some of them are development plugins, and others are just really useful plugins.


1. WP Migrate DB Pro

If you’re creating WordPress websites on multiple environments, like staging and production, this plugin is more like a must-have. WP Migrate DB Pro adds functionality for exporting, pushing and pulling databases. This plugin is a real time-saver when migrating databases. Instead of exporting and search/replacing the database by yourself, this plugin just pushes or pulls the database, with replaced variables to a another environment.

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2. Gravity Forms

Almost every websites needs a form, it might be a contact form, application form or another form. Gravity Forms is a plugin which makes creating forms a lot easier than building them yourself. The validation and notifications will all be set up for you. The only thing left to do, is click some forms together and start receiving entries.

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3. W3 Total cache

One of the biggest issues with WordPress is the pagespeed. WordPress isn’t really fast by default. Using W3 Total cache it’s easy to tweak performance settings and enable caching where needed. W3 Total Cache even supports caching technologies like Varnish. Your performance gets boosted by like 50% easily using this plugin.

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4. Advanced Custom Fields Pro

When your creating an bigger website with WordPress, you might need some additional fields to display all the needed information. Advanced Custom Fields offers a nice interface for creating all kinds of fields, and the pro version even offers a flexible content field. After creating and filling the needed fields, retrieving the content is really easy.

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5. WordPress SEO

SEO it a really hot thing at the moment. Doing your SEO right can be really hard if you have to do it on your own. Luckily, there’s a plugins for that, named WordPress SEO from Yoast. WordPress SEO offers a nice way to boost the SEO of your website, and they even rate the readability of your post/page. This plugin offers a lot of settings for optimizing your SEO and social sharing preferences.

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